Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! =)

Now that the easy part is over, I have to endeavor to tackle somewhat more complicated issues such as who I am, what the purpose of this blog is, and of course, the ever-pressing matter of what the Romans have ever done for us. So here I go:

My name is Lausen, and I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some time ago, though, I had the opportunity to move around quite a bit, and ended up spending a year in Switzerland (Glion, Montreux, Lausanne, Vevey, Geneva, Verbier, Gruyeres, Bulle, Bern, Luzern, Zurich, Lugano, Locarno, Bellinzona, Fribourg, Appenzell, St Gallen), visiting cities like Paris, London, Prague and Madrid and living in Barcelona for six months. While in Spain I decided to start “My rambling self”.

Being by nature a rambling kind of person, sometimes it seems as though there is no fixed point, no clear goal, after which I’m striving. And this applies not only for the practical “what kind of job will I get next” or “where would I like to live” kind of questions, but also to my love life, friendships, and most importantly for this blog, my intellectual concerns. I am curious about everything. I dedicate myself to pursuing the weirdest and most unimportant investigations with the sole purpose of feeding my questioning anxiety. Of course, I don’t claim to know anything about the subjects I research. The point is that I enjoy asking questions and trying to see what the possible answers might be. This intense love for aimless enquiries is my favorite part of myself, my one defining characteristic. However, when I moved to Barcelona this side of my personality seemed to be slowly waning due to the pressures of my job. The terrifying consequence was that I became a bore not only to my friends and family, but also to myself. And I refused to go on that way! So this blog is my attempt to go back to my “essence”. This is me rescuing my rambling self.

Thank you for rambling along with me. Welcome!

PS: Oh! And by the way, if you’re still wondering about the Romans, well…


PS II: I have been back to Buenos Aires for two years now, met the love of my life, moved in with him, and we’ll get married in 2013. So apparently, sometimes your aimless wandering can get you to beautiful places =)




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