Paweł Kuczyński


After almost a year away from this blog, I come back to share some amazing pieces of satire by the Polish artist Paweł Kuczyński. Enjoy!

For more of his work, click here. And a big thank you to Lukas Rybensen for correcting (quite obnoxiously =P) the way I spelt Mr Pawel’s name.


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  1. Hello Darling
    I have noticed that U have not been Your Rambling Self
    But busy being some other Self – as Your BDay approaches 😉
    I saw every one of these images
    And Loved Them ALL = ThnqVM
    Far more than just Satire
    Illusion – Deception – Irony – Alarming Truth and more
    – in each image
    Assumed Pawla was related to Paula – but not so
    I have been playing in our world of Oxymorons
    Think about Nothing
    Now then
    Deafening silence
    Original copy
    Student teacher
    Liquid gas
    Clearly confused
    Almost exactly
    Genuine imitation
    Accidentally on purpose
    Jumbo shrimp
    Seriously funny
    Found missing
    Living dead
    Internet pirate
    Cyber sex
    Honest Politician
    – and now realising that we live in an Oxymoronic World
    Blessings for Eternal Happiness and Bliss
    – to You and All Your Family and Friends
    Stony ;-)(-;

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