This guy gets my “blogging process”…

… except for the getting drunk part, that is =P


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  1. Itz great to see you are your rambling self but this cannot ever be YOU! The droning voice is totally wrong for a start! For a more inspiring re-start to any digi-Project – or at least something a little more motivational for getting where U really want to get to ~ Music Is Always Inspirational ;-)(-;

  2. I read all your piquant ramblings – and this may fit under another posting – although seems quite comfy here:
    For quite a wholesome understanding of Intelligence may I contribute – of course any IQ test must be considered irrelevant due to its biased and deceptive nature – bordering on racism and imperialism! Without needing to mention its statistical methods.

  3. This may be unusual by being a request for a ramble. Building and Collaborating in an Online Community. This link is for academic communities of practice – perhaps a more generic approach to cyber-communities or CoP with advantages and disadvantages. You are busy with a project/s so this is no immediate request, but your opinions and ramblings would be very much appreciated on this topic – Thnq in anticipation ;-)(-;

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