Tonight… and tomorrow


Tonight is my last night in Barcelona, and tomorrow, I’ll be in Buenos Aires. But not only that, I’ll be turning 25! Yes, arrival and birthday on the same day: I like economizing on celebrations =P

Anyway, as my last “Spanish” post, I’ll share with you yet another discovery made in a sleepless night: a poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Enjoy! And I’ll “see” you in Buenos Aires!


Do not strike the chord of sorrow tonight!
Days burning with pain turn to ashes.
Who knows what happens tomorrow?
Last night is lost; tomorrow’s frontier wiped out:
Who knows if there will be another dawn?
Life is nothing, it’s only tonight!
Tonight we can be what the gods are!

Do not strike the chord of sorrow, tonight!
Do not repeat stories of sufferings now,
Do not complain, let your fate play its role,
Do not think of tomorrows, give a damn–
Shed no tears for seasons gone by,
All sighs and cries wind up their tales,
Oh, do not strike the same chord again!


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